In 1977 when the valet parking industry was at its early stages, Ruben D. Burga founded CV Parking service to accommodate the high demand of valet service for celebrities and patrons at the legendary Ma Maison Bistro on Melrose Avenue. From there, CV Parking expanded to provide services to the most prestigious establishments throughout Southern California. We surpassed the expectation of our clients by demonstrating our dedication to customer satisfaction.

CV Parking handle valet for events.
Ma Maison Restaurant.

Our mission includes the best parking service available. We proudly develop close working relationships with
our customers, striving to build a lasting goodwill. CV Parking Service only provides the highest quality
service, firmly believing that a parking service should be a pleasant experience aimed to increase your business
by offering a safe, reliable and enjoyable environment for patrons of your establishment.

The alumni of Ma Maison.
Jims Parking


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